Poodle Dog Behaviors And Characteristics


Guide to Behaviors and Characteristics of Poodle Dogs

Regardless of the poodle dog breed, be it a miniature, toy or standard poodle, the basic Poodle dog behaviors are quite similar with a few variations. Poodle dog characteristics are almost human-like when it comes to learning tricks and playing around. It is not uncommon to find that your friendly dog has outwitted you, yet you are the one who taught it the trick. Poodle dogs that have been well trained well show wonderful behaviors and are pleasure to be around. They are friendly, calm, and make great companions. The easily trainable Poodle dog, though affectionate, can be very protective of its owners and makes a great watchdog.

Classic Poodle Dog Behaviors 

Intelligent: The Poodle dog characteristics that are most common are those of being an intelligent animal. This dog tends to enjoy learning and having its mind kept active with varying activities or tasks. To make your life as the owner easier, teach your dog how to entertain itself by providing it with a variety of toys to play with. That is one advantage of the intelligent characteristic  of Poodle dogs. Still connected to intelligence, the Poodle dog behaviors enable them to read its owners mood and almost accurately know how they are feeling. The Poodle dog has the ability to empathise or entertain their owners based on their owner’s emotional needs at the time.

Trainable: Linked to intelligence, another characteristic of the behavior of Poodle dogs is their ability to be trained. This is largely due to their desire to please their owners or trainer. The Poodle dog characteristics are to respond to positive reinforcement during training. Encouragement and treats motivate this trainable dog to do more. The common trait of Poodle dogs is excessive barking that can be triggered by a person coming to your door, or leaves dancing in the wind. One of the first training lessons a Poodle dog owner should undertake is to train it to control its barking. To manage Poodle dog behaviors, keep their minds stimulated by engaging them in new things.

Sensitive: The sensitive behavior of Poodle dogs makes it possible for this dog to be used alongside people who are undergoing therapy. The negative side of this sensitive behavior is that it can make this dog clingy and protective. This is usually displayed by a lot of barking and aggression. Poodle dog behaviors remain relatively stable when the dog is in a calm environment. If this dog is placed is a chaotic environment, maybe where there are many children running around and shouting, it becomes stressed and cannot cope with the activity. Poodle dogs are also sensitive to being left alone at home for extended periods of time, especially if they have not been socialised well.

 Basic requirements that will encourage good Poodle Behaviors

Even though Poodle dog behaviors make it necessary for this dog to live close to its owner and not outside in a kennel, it is easy to live with as long as its needs are met and it is trained well. Human companionship and constant mental stimulation are basic requirements for this dog.

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