Are Dogs Impacted More by Cool Temperatures?

Low temperature, is good for dogs?

Are Dogs Impacted More by Cool Temperatures?

If you’re a dog owner, then you probably want to do right by your furry family member. You perhaps take them to the vet regularly and buy them healthy food, but have you considered how a colder temperature in your home could positively impact your four-legged friend?

How Can Temperature Affect Dogs?

Humans can adapt to a lot of temperatures. However, dogs are a little more fragile when it comes to changing temperatures. Because of their fur and lack of sweat glands, dogs often find it difficult to stay comfortable in hot environments.

A home that doesn’t feel too bad for a human, perhaps at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, could be sweltering for a dog, and the consequences go far beyond discomfort.

Dogs can easily suffer heat stroke, a condition where your pet’s body overheats. Heat stroke starts off as simple exhaustion, but it can quickly progress into organ failure, seizures, and death. While all dogs cannot sweat and efficiently cool themselves down, some breeds may be more at-risk than others.

Older dogs and dogs with heart disease are more likely to succumb to heat stroke in milder temperatures, so it’s especially important to make sure that these dogs are always in cool environments, especially at home, where they’ll spend most of their time. Otherwise, the risk of heat stroke increases drastically.

The only surefire way to avoid this terrible fate for your dog is to make sure that your home is always at a cool, comfortable temperature for your pet.

Remember the golden rule – if the temperature in the home is too low for you, then it’s too low for your pets!

What Can You Do?

Giving your dog ice and cold water are both great ways to help your pooch avoid overheating, but they’re temporary solutions at best. The only surefire way to keep your dog comfortable in your home is to invest in an air conditioning unit that you can trust to work.

While any air conditioning unit is an improvement over none, it would be irresponsible to invest in air conditioning that cuts out on occasion or doesn’t offer you full control of the temperature. For this reason, reliable brands are ideal for making sure your pet stays happy and healthy.

Safety First

It may sound extreme to invest in an AC unit for your pet, but wouldn’t you do the same for any other member of your family?

Dogs rely on their owners for protection and care as they are members of the family!

Parents want to make sure their children are comfortable. It is the same type of thing for your dog. They are an important part of the family as well. So, make sure you’re monitoring the temperature and doing right by man’s best friend.

One of the most affordable air conditioners for doghouses we found in the market is Hounditioner Dog House Air Conditioner”, while some other air conditioning systems may be very pricey, this unit can be pretty affordable in comparison with some competitors keeping your dog cool and removing humidity and heat to avoid your pet overheating.

Now, if you are handy, and would like to improve your dog’s house, the Akoma Heat-N-Breeze will help to solve the of proper ventilation issue in most of the doghouses, keeping them cooler in the hot season and heating the doghouse during the winter time.

A very affordable option also, if your dog stays indoors most of the time, is a Dog Cooling Mat that will keep your dog cooler on the hot days

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