5 Well Behaved Dogs For Families


Guide to Well Behaved Family Dogs 

If your children have expressed the desire to own a dog, it is time to check out the list of well behaved dogs for families. The best place to start your search for well behaved dog breeds for families is to familiarize yourself with dogs that are good with children. The alternative would be to ensure that the dog you get has been socialized and well trained to interact and be integrated into a family. As you take the time to choose from the list of family dogs with good behavior, take the time to explain to your family members how to handle and care for a dog.

Also, these are some good reasons to take in consideration a dog as part of the family:

  • It will help to improve the social skills of the kids.
  • It will be the perfect excuse to increase your physical activity helping your the metabolism and promoting weight loss.
  • It will eliminate loneliness feelings and help to decrease the risk of depression.
  •  It will increase physical health and reduce stress.

To learn more about how a pet can improve your health the site positivehealthwellness.com  has a very nice post called “All You Need to Know About Pets Improving Your Health

Top Well Behaved Dogs For Families

1. Golden RetrieverThese patient and friendly dogs always make the list of well behaved dogs for families. Always eager to play and relatively easy to train, the Golden Retriever quickly becomes a member of the family. Your children will fall in love with these medium sized dogs that fall into the category of well behaved dog breeds for families.

2. Shih TzuWhen considering family dogs with good behavior, the Shih Tzu is also a consideration. This cute small dog is full of energy and love for its owners, but it can be mildly stubborn. This Shih Tzu dog will keep up with children and can also be trained quite easily.

3. Pug: This little dog falls into the category of well behaved dog breeds for families mostly because it handles children well. Pugs are easy to care for and they are loyal to their owners. These well behaved family dogs do not need too much exercise and can be content just to sit on your lap as you watch the television. Keep this dog out of the cold weather and you will have a friend for life.

4. BeagleThe Beagle may not fully qualify as one of the well behaved dogs for families, but it is a dog that will blend well with a family with many children or a very active family. While this dog may be great at keeping your children out of trouble, it is capable of getting into a lot of mischief of its own.

5. Cavalier King Charles SpanielEasy to train and fond of children, these dogs make great family dogs with good behavior. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will be happy to play with the children or be content to quietly keep you company on the couch as you relax. They are well-behaved dogs for families as they want to please their owner and they can easily adapt to various lifestyles.

Turn Your Dog Into One Of The Well Behaved Dogs For Families

Apart from dogs that are known as not being partial to children or having excess amounts of energy, many dogs can be trained to into becoming obedient family dogs. The main thing to focus on is the establishment of the owner being the ‘leader of the pack’ and the understanding that he must be obeyed. Once this fact has been firmly ingrained in the mind of your dog, and with proper training, it will have a good chance of becoming a well-mannered family dog.

If you want to know what dog is the perfect match for you and your family there is a book you can use as a reference wrote by the animal psychologist and nationally known expert in canine behavior Daniel F. Tortora called  The Right Dog For You – Choosing A Breed That Matches Your Personality, Family, And Lifestyle”

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